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August Newsletter

Roth IRA versus Traditional IRA: Which Is Better for You?

Creating More Business Meal Tax Deductions After the TCJA

Beware: IRS Error in Rental Property Deduction Publication

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July Newsletter

Proven Tax Reduction Strategies for Sole Proprietors

Incorporation Is Not for Everyone

How to Deduct Cruise Ship Conventions, Seminars, and Meetings

Impact of Death, Retirement, and Disability on the 179 Deduction

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June Newsletter

Combine Home Sale with the 1031 Exchange

Know These Tax Rules If Your Average Rental Is Seven Days or Less

Avoid This S Corporation Health Insurance Deduction Mistake

QBI Issue When Your S Corp Is a Partner in a Partnership

Can the IRS Require Odometer Readings with the Mileage Rate?

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May Newsletter

Backdoor Roth IRA Opportunities Still Available After TCJA

New IRS FAQs on Section 199A

TCJA Allows Bonus Depreciation on Purchase of Leased Vehicle

How to Handle Multiple Rental Activities and the 199A Deduction

Deduct Your Costs of Sponsoring Sports Team

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April Newsletter

Good News: Most Rentals Likely Qualify as Section 199A Businesses

How to Reimburse Medicare When You Have Fewer Than 20 Employees

What Can I Do If My K-1 Omits 199A Information?

Terminating Your S Corporation Election

Improvement Property Update

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March Newsletter

When the Second Office in the Home Is a Principal Place of Business

How to Calculate and Improve Your QBI from a Partnership

How to Deduct Medicare as a Business Expense

Employee Recreation and Parties Survive TCJA Tax Reform

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