We are excited to announce the union of Barron & Company, LLP with Kosovsky & Company, CPA & Consultants, LLC

We are excited to announce the union of Kosovsky and Company, CPA and Consultants, LLC and Barron & Company, LLP effective January 1, 2021.  We will operate under the name of Barron & Company, LLP.

Barron & Company, LLP was established in 1992 in Torrington. Since inception, quality service and strong client relationships have been the cornerstone of the organization. Barron & Company, LLP is committed to delivering the highest quality personalized service to our clients in a timely manner in this ever-changing economic climate.

Kosovsky and Company, CPA and Consultants, LLC was established in 2005.  The managing member, Joel Kosovsky, has been a CPA and partner in various other local firms throughout his extensive 41-year career.

Currently Joel operates Kosovsky and Company, CPA and Consultants, LLC as well as a financial services organization, Horizon Advisors, LLC in West Hartford. Although Joel will still be present, he will focus his energies on wealth management and growing this practice, while still being a valuable resource for the CPA practice.

We believe this alliance will allow us to capitalize on the natural synergy between the two companies, bringing about only positive changes for everyone.  This includes the common belief that the best interest of our clients is a priority, coupled with helping them to succeed. This union will certainly make the resulting company stronger and the increased resources will ensure that we are more capable of providing quality customer service in all aspects. It is our hope that joining these two great forces together will mean greater things and a brighter future for all connected.

What does this mean for the clients of Both Kosovsky and Company, CPA and Consultants, LLC and Barron & Company, LLP? Although there will be changes ahead for Joel’s client base with things such as phone numbers, procedures and additional staff, the added resources available will allow all of our clients to continue to receive the same level of service they are accustomed to.    

Both the Torrington and West Hartford locations will remain open. Due to the pandemic, we will operate differently, with limited face-to-face meetings, but continued client support. We assure you that all your records will remain properly maintained and organized.

We hope that you are as excited as we are about this affiliation. We are looking forward to the numerous benefits that we can all reap from taking this step.

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